documentsAmerifund provides equipment leases to companies across the United States. If you are a new, start-up or an expanding business, understanding the process is important.

Prior to any funds being released, due diligence occurs. This is the process of verifying that the business is legitimate; with a business license, establishing time in business, a client base with references and review of bank and vendor references. We ask the business owners questions about their future growth, the type of equipment they are looking at purchasing, and how the equipment will be used in the business.

There are numerous items that are looked at through the underwriting process. When reviewing a new business, we research the business location, economic factors and strength of the business’ industry. Once the due diligence is done, it is submitted to our underwriting department for approval. After approval, we provide terms and conditions to the business owner. Documents are generated and sent to the business owner(s) for signature.

We confirm the equipment being leased is properly insured and once all the documents are received and signatures verified; the client can then take possession of the equipment from the vendor and the vendor is paid.

Additionally, Congress has permanently set Section 179 (Internal Revenue Code) as an incentive to help business growth. Leasing is now the preferred way to purchase additional equipment for your company. Section 179 provides the business a tax advantage for the purchase of business equipment up to $500,000.

If you are looking to purchase new equipment for your company, contact us today and we will guide you through the financing process and lead your business to success.