When your business is in need of equipment, you need to look at the benefits of leasing versus a loan.

When leasing, you get:

• Simple Application

• Frees up Capital

• Hedge Against Inflation

• Potential Tax Advantages

• Easy Add-ons and Trade-Ups

• Preserves Credit lines

• Fixed Payments

• No Down Payment

• No Additional Collateral

• Easier Budgeting

• No Fees


In most cases, get a business loan will also impact the following:

• Reduces Available Credit Line

• Extensive Documentation

• Extensive Monthly Reporting

• Often requires additional Collateral

• Often Require s Down Payment

• Not Flexible

• Negative Impact on Balance Sheet

• Bank Loans can be canceled by Lender at anytime


At Amerifund, we will help you decided on what method will best benefit your company’s bottom line and we’ll help you get the financing you need.