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New and Emerging Business Owners Succeed in Spite of Our Country’s Cautionary Times

Phoenix, AZ 1/12/04- Though it has been over two years, it’s no secret that our country has struggled with the aftermath of 9-11, seemingly inevitable conflict in the Middleast and the uncertainty of the economy though all indicators are now starting to look positive. We as a country, however, have not let the events nor the circumstances diminish our enthusiasm to pursue our dreams. As new and growing business owners strive to realize their dreams, they are finding savvy and careful ways of preserving their cash flow. Amerifund, Inc is happy to share with fellow businessmen and women some sound advice in managing cash flow in cautionary times, and how OPM (other people’s money) makes sense when navigating the bumpy road to success.

The issue is, new and growing companies are especially vulnerable to cash-flow challenges because they so often tend to jump the gun on hiring additional staff, they build inventory faster than their customers pay, and they spend precious cash on purchasing equipment that they should be leasing. To avoid falling into these dangerous traps consider the following list of proven tips for ensuring that the cash keeps flowing!

Review Budgets Quarterly.

Do cash forecasting.

Control spending.

Keep inventories lean.

Accumulate salary.

Accelerate receipts.

Add employees cautiously

Lease rather than buy. Remember the age-old adage of “lease equipment if it depreciates, buy equipment if it


To be successful in today’s highly competitive world you will need to be an expert in managing your cash flow. By following the advice that we have shared with you, you can greatly increase your chances of joining the ranks of successful and profitable business men and women!
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