The words “identity theft” have the power to stop someone dead in their tracks and cause a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach, and for good reason. A stolen identity can wreak all kinds of havoc on an individual’s life, so much so that a 2017 FICO survey cited identity theft as a top security concern for US consumers at 44% of the survey sample – ranking higher for more consumers than fear of death or fear of a terrorist attack combined.

There’s a lot to consider when protecting yourself from identity theft, and we’re excited to release a follow-up video to this one in which LifeLock Identity Education expert Paige Hanson tackles staying vigilant in an increasingly vulnerable world of information. But what happens if you or someone you know has already experienced identity theft? Is there any hope to bounce back?

We say, “Absolutely.”

Paige Hanson details how one can recover from identity theft in this most recent installment of our identity protection series!

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“We, as consumers, need to stay on top of the latest bills and things on the ballots that might protect our privacy…It’s important for us to be more involved because that is how changes are going to be made.” – Paige Hanson

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