Today, we are concluding our Identity Protection Video Series with LifeLock Chief of Identity Education, Paige Hanson, and we have to say, this video ends the series with a bang! In this final installment, Paige reveals her final tips and tricks on proactive protection of your personal information – valuable information that we know will positively impact your ability to keep your identity information safe!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these videos as much as we’ve enjoyed providing you with the educational tools necessary to secure and protect yourself in an increasingly vulnerable world. We’d like to thank Paige Hanson ofLifeLock for her invaluable insight into identity protection and cybersecurity, Brad White of Square Pictures for his help in producing these incredible videos, and most importantly, you, our readers and viewers, for taking ownership for your identity protection and taking the steps necessary to ensure that you are keeping your information safe.

We hope you enjoy this final video in our identity protection series:

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“As a consumer, when you’re asked for information, you can ask,what for?” – Paige Hanson

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