Benefits of Co-op Marketing

We believe in forging lasting relationships with equipment sellers and other referral sources. We provide the necessary tools to foster a mutually profitable relationship. One of the many areas we emphasize in relationship development is cooperative marketing. By developing co-op marketing programs, we pool our marketing dollars with “Preferred Partners” that have similar vertical markets.

Once we establish a few common vertical markets, we determine the ideal marketing format for that niche (direct mail, opt-In e-mail marketing, telemarketing, facsimile marketing, etc.) After the marketing program is initiated, we as a team, follow up with the targeted clients and track results.

Benefits of Co-op Marketing
• Pooled marketing dollars.
• Pooled sales/marketing talent.
• Focused niche marketing
• Bonus programs based on funded volume.
• All leases are no-recourse. You will never be asked to buy a deal back.