Our credit programs are flexible and allow us to approve a wide range of customers. We will consider all credit situations. However, the items below can create approval problems.

Especially those established within the past five years and without significant re-establishment of credit history.

Unsatisfied Credit Issues
With satisfactory explanations, we will analyze open judgments, collections and charge-offs.

Low Average Bank Balances
Average low bank balances are those below $1,000.00 and inhibit credit approval regardless of time in business.

New Businesses
We work with new businesses where the owners have above average credit.

Recent Negative Credit History
A potential customer who has had many late payments, collections and/or judgments would be a risk to any financial institution. We will investigate most credit issues in an attempt to overcome the customer’s negative history. We make it a policy to overlook late payments and collections when there are only a few, and they are not within the last two years.

“We look for reasons to approve customers. This is the only way we all benefit.”